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Let’s Talk about Toilets: 2018 Diary & Calendar

To differentiate from the thematic diaries of the past couple of years in which all aspects of WASH* were covered, in 2018 the focus was decided to be ‘sanitation’. Within sanitation, 12 different aspects of WaterAid’s work would be touched upon and like the past diaries we wanted to champion the month dividers to tell the stories. We decided to build a narrative which first pointed to various problems plaguing toilets and the lack thereof. These range from behaviour change to technology, school absenteeism, inclusion and a lot more. With a flip of a page we introduce the readers to the solutions or the positive aspects of bringing a change. Following that up was an understanding of WaterAid India’s approach to deal with the problem with the means of a case study.

WaterAid India (WAI) is part of the global WaterAid network which has been working for four decades to improve access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene across the world. We have been working with WAI since 2015 on a large variety of communications such as publications and reports, infographics for important awareness days, graphics for social media, animated videos, events and much more. Previously we have worked on two thematic diaries for WAI for 2016 and 2017.

* Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

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Calendar 1

We worked with a monochromatic colour palette for each month while using six hand-picked colours from the WAI colour palette. 

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A few spreads from the diary

Right at the outset it was important to highlight that the problem of open defecation is not solved simply by building toilets.

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Equally important to capture was the need for a well-designed or well-equipped toilet that actually encourages people to use it. We all must remember that highway toilet we have had second thoughts about, now imagine if that was everyday life.

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Diary Pages 6

Toilets need water and in the lack of it the women and children of the house have to bear the brunt.

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The problem of absenteeism, particularly in case of girls, is the often ignored side-effect of lack of toilets in schools. No toilets in schools makes menstrual management a big issue.

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There may be toilets but the question is how usable they are for the differently-abled.

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A few other spreads touched upon the topics of female empowerment, community toilets and managing good attendance of girls in schools.

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