Kids Ahoy Featured

A Kids’ Special at the Mall

Select Citywalk Mall, one of Delhi’s most popular malls, comes up with print promotions from time to time and in May 2014 they looked to focus on children with an eye on the approaching summer holidays. The task was to design a small foldable flyer with an illustrated map of the mall with a focus on key shops that either cater to children or are of interest to children. 

‘Kids Ahoy’, as the map was christened, had two key aspects. One, to be used as a map with a legend of all the places a kid might want to go to (ice-cream, food, movies, books, etc.) shown floor wise. And two, to add a layer of interactivity, fun activities that would interest children were designed on the map itself.

Select Citywalk Illustration

The map

The base element for developing this flyer was the map, which was drawn out in a way to not seem like a map at all, but as a dreamy and fun place meant for children alone. So we took away the walls and the removed all notions of a building, and just laid out three and a half colour-coded floors one above the other. 

The five primary participating brands were added as the main highlights on the floors. Their settings were created as stand-alone mini-dramas, like a snow-fight for a frozen yoghurt stall, a chocolate pool with a doughnut as a buoy, coffee cups as paints and so on.

Kids Ahoy Flyer

The map + activities

Relevant activities were thought of for each of five brands that were highlighted on the map. A small maze in the shape of a doughnut stood for a doughnut brand. A coffee shop had just the outlines of its signature cold coffee glass, ready to be coloured in by children. Five fruit-helicopters had to be matched with the best-matched froyo flavours. Five extremely loved characters from children’s books were all jumbled up and had to be identified in context to a bookstore. And finally a table of mixed up alphabets had hidden in it the names of eight animals, for a popular brand that hosts parties and games for children.

All other brands relevant for kids were also marked all over the map based on shop location and a colour coded key was available at the bottom of the flyer. The icons of each of these shop were derived either from the brand logos or based on what they offered.