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Bookaroo Through the Years

Our association with Bookaroo, India’s first children’s literature festival, dates back to 2011 when we were first commissioned to design festival collaterals. Since then we’ve been a part of their main Delhi festival for four successive years apart from seven regional festivals spread across five cities.

Every year we would begin by conceptualising the look for that year in the form of a poster. A poster is the first promotional communique that goes out announcing each year’s festival and so it’s these posters that we’ve showcased here in an attempt to catalogue the changing forms of Bookaroo over the years.

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Bookaroo Delhi 2012

2012: Delhi

5th edition of Bookaroo was a carnival, quite literally. A huge ferris wheel forms the mainstay of the illustration that proudly flaunts 5. Every seat of this fantastical ferris wheel is an open book. Giving it company is a canopy formed by a book, delicious looking books that hang as fruits from a real tree, books as swings, books as raft, amphitheatre and what not. Qutub Minar too joins the party and shows off its circular rows of books. The event look is derived entirely out of books and things made of books.

Bookaroo Delhi 2013

2013: Delhi

6th edition of Bookaroo was again a carnival but with some new attendees. Qutub Minar couldn’t make it due to a change in the venue; previous year’s Sanskriti was replaced by IGNCA, and India Gate being in the vicinity was accordingly roped in. The ferris wheel was also replaced by a roller coaster to make the experience more exciting.

Bookaroo Delhi Dpl 2014

2014: Delhi

This was a month-long event Bookaroo had organised for DPL (Delhi Public Library) for its young members. The poster imagined unique and colourful characters in the shape of books and they all had stories to tell. The event was primarily aimed at encouraging children to read during their annual summer break from school.

First off, congrats. They were quite floored with the flier and poster. They said it is “wonderful”.”

A mail from Bookaroo started with good news first (on how their partners for this event reacted to the 2014 poster) before proceeding to a nice and lengthy list of changes.

Bookaroo Posters Pune2015

2015: Pune

For its festivals in regional cities, Bookaroo has always attempted to capture the essence of the place where it hosts the event. Shaniwar Wada fort, a prominent landmark of Pune, lies at a walking distance from Sambhaji park, where Bookaroo was organised. And so the story for Pune went like this: Bookaroo comes flying to the city of forts.

Bookaroo Goa 2015

2015: Goa

From the cool of Sahyadri mountains Bookaroo goes to the balmy sands of Goa. We had a lot of fun visualising children reading books under a warm winter sun. Who needs beach umbrellas when you have the company of books to lose yourself to.

Bookaroo Ahmedabad 2016
Bookaroo Jaipur 2016

2016: Ahmedabad and Jaipur

2016 was the year when things changed a bit. As a more practical approach to festivals, which were only increasing in numbers, it was decided to shelve city specific approach of creating fresh designs for each new city-festival and instead settle for a more generic representation of what Bookaroo stands for and does. Colourful illustrations were laid out on a location pin that would point to the city where Bookaroo travels to next. And each city would be represented through an icon that celebrates a landmark/thought that that city is most known for.

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