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Giving Form to the Brand of a Renewable Energies Company

Hero Future Energies (HFE), a renewable energy venture of the Hero Group, is one of the leading Independent Power Producers in India. 

We have been associated with HFE for past the two years or so designing their new office’s environment graphics, a digital interactive timeline for the REI Expo 2015 and several other communication collaterals. Our effort has been to shape the brand language and give it a unique flavour and identity that HFE stands for.

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Entrance Passage 1
Entrance Passage 2
Entrance Passage 3
Entrance Passage 4
Entrance Passage 5

Wall graphics at the entrance passage

A set of five artworks were created inspired by the values and the essence of the five colours of Hero Future Energies.

Red signifies heritage and is represented by seeds. The seeds here are used as a metaphor for heritage as they carry the bloodline of the plant.

Dark blue signifying creation is shown through soil. Soil is where most objects we see around us comes from. The minerals, sand, bricks and so on. It helps give our vision shape.

Light blue stands for growth, represented by water. A river keeps flowing to its destination without a stop. It truly symbolises progression as it moulds itself according to the terrain without loosing its ultimate direction.

Green denotes preservation and is represented by leaves. The leaves signify the planet we live in and the need to preserve it to keep it healthy for our future generations.

Yellow signifies radiance represented by a sunflower. The sunflower signifies the connection between an inspiration and a person inspired. The radiant glow and form of the sunflower is a source of instant joy.

Partition 1
Partition 2
Partition 3
Partition 4
Partition 5
Partition 6
Partition 7
Partition 8

Glass wall runner

A large glass wall separating the workspace from the pantry and restrooms was livened up with an illustrated landscape of renewable energy-sufficient city.

Interactive timeline

This interactive timeline was created for the annual Renewable Energy India (REI) Expo to visually illustrate HFE’s rich legacy in an exciting manner. The timeline was broken across five touchscreens mounted across one wall of the HFE pavillion at the Expo.


3D letters for branding at the reception being manually finished at the workshop. It is always exciting to get to visit and see your designs getting made in front of your own eyes.