Inktober 2016 Feature Image

Inktober 2016

Inktober is a drawing challenge that was started by US-based illustrator, Jake Parker, in 2009. Every year artists take up this challenge to make one drawing, in ink, every day for the whole month of October. I took up this challenge as a way to improve my drawing skills and to get into a habit of drawing as often as possible.

Here are ten of the thirty one drawings. You can see the rest on my personal blog, here.

Inktober2016 Day 4

Day 4

Another weekend another dinner at the fantastic Carnatic Cafe. They serve water in a slightly bigger glass of the same design but the buttermilk is served in this beautiful opaque black glass which is absolutely beautiful! Perfect in black and white.

Inktober2016 Day 10

Day 10

For the past nine days or so people from the nearby slum have been watching the Doordarshan’s Ramayan serial on a large screen out in the open on one side of the road leading to my place.
It reminded me of the times when all the kids at home used to desperately look forward to Sunday morning for this on TV.

Inktober2016 Day 11

Day 11

A two seater sofa got replaced by this diwan very recently upgrading the napping capacity from one to two persons at a time.

Inktober2016 Day 13

Day 13

Last year, winter was really pathetic. I desperately hope this year it’s good. Early mornings, late evenings and nights have finally started to become cooler with no more air-conditioning required at nights.

Inktober2016 Day 14

Day 14

Just yesterday Rohit and I were discussing that for the past few days one of our favourite things to do just after waking up is to open the doors and windows so that the cool autumnal breeze can flow in.

Inktober2016 Day 16

Day 16

This is one of the things you have to do when you have a baby in the family. I can’t wait see her grow up and be the person she would be and things she would like to do.

Inktober2016 Day 18

Day 18

With the weather becoming cooler I can now cycle to work which means every other evening is going to be muri time. To now more about the muri scene in C. R. Park you can read this article researched, written and drawn by the Ghosh (Padmaparna & Sriparna) sisters —

Inktober2016 Day 23

Day 23

While on a food walk in old Delhi, this weekend, we turned a corner to come upon this magical scene. I couldn’t believe for a moment that this was real, that I was really seeing this. More than all the food this was the highlight of the evening for me.

Inktober2016 Day 24

Day 24

Our not so organised dining table looks resplendent in the early morning autumn sun. These (besides opening the doors) are the few things I love to experience/observe every morning after I wake up. Living in a city sometimes this the closest one can get to experiencing the beauty of nature for days.

Inktober2016 Day 27

Day 27

It was literally a golden opportunity to witness nature in such splendour. Moving from west to east I could see the colours in the horizon change gently from total darkness to daylight in perfect transition. Sitting next to the aisle I had to peep around and over the head of the passengers adjacent and in front of me. The Himalayas were looking so magnificent in that light that I was left desperate to have a better look.