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Miniature Weekends

Sometime in the first week of September 2015, after a visit to a much loved annual fair, my world suddenly became big and small at the same time.

During that trip to the Stationery Fair I bought a packet of Air Dry Clay (ADC) on a strange impulse. Back home, I tore into it and dipped all my fingers to come out with my first miniature : a funny looking dog. A few more miniature dogs, spoons, lamps, books, vases later I broadened my horizon and brought into my life another material: Polymer Clay.

Given how much joy I started getting out of making miniatures and also that I didn’t want to get fixated on only crafting ‘cute’ standalone things, I started a story crafting side project which is documented here.

Since that serendipitous discovery of a different kind of clay I have been able to make anything I can imagine, from a dog putting out a volcano to a plant loving spider. My weekends — which were anyway short — now seem even shorter.

Here is a collection of all the things that remain with me as almost as many have found homes with friends and patrons (I didn’t want to say buyers!)

Landscape Group

Earth, sky and home

Nothing imaginative here. Just a 2 cm wave crashing into an unknown beach, a red-coloured 4 mm tent pitched on a sloping meadow, a wee depiction of Skellig Michael, a shy little rainbow, an angry mountain, a peaceful mountain and a few houses.

Animal Group

Where the wild little things are (here)

It is hard to describe this group photo, except that is me in a full-body black jumpsuit (measuring 2 cm in height) on the golden animal, happiest among animals.

Pottery Group

Wannabe Ceramics

I learnt pottery long before I started on this miniature path and I will always have a special place for ceramics in my life. Which shows here in a small way, let’s say, maximum 3 cm high.

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