Small Joys 2

The 2017 Small Joys Calendar

Less than a year after we dispatched our Mountain Calendar we started fielding questions about the next one from the owners of that calendar. It seemed that we had started a sort of habit, and we didn’t want to disappoint. After some time-taking deliberations we decided to base the next one on the theme of Small Joys.

For the 2017 calendar we put on paper four small joys of each of us, illustrated using our choice of tools. Dwarka drew from the everyday in pigment liners about his love for early mornings, windows and airports. Rohit painstakingly carved out each of his compositions on linoleum sheets, his new joy that rekindles an old-world printing technique. And lastly Sriparna took the brief literally and made miniatures to depict her small joys. And it all comes together under a collective joy : handmade with a lot of hard work, imagination and thought.

In our attempt to depict the joys we tried to skip the predictable (like mountains, pizza, winter) and have also tried to create pictures that would be exciting or inspiring through at least 31 days. Also, as the format developed we ended up with a small strip of non-visible paper at the bottom of each page that goes into the stand. Here, we asked the user to record their small joys that made them happy that month, cut them and keep them somewhere safe!

Small Joys 5
Small Joys 8
Small Joys 11
Small Joys 14

Sriparna’s miniatures

Small Joys 7
Small Joys 10
Small Joys 13
Small Joys 4

Rohit’s lino prints

Small Joys 3
Small Joys 6
Small Joys 9
Small Joys 12

Dwarka’s pen and ink drawings