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Designing Print Merchandise for Hamoni Golf

My Passport to Golf is a small booklet, the size of a passport that fits into a pocket and carries bite sized information on the game of golf. Covering a wide range of topics like basics of golf, its history, HGC (Hamoni Golf Camp) golf leaning modules, maintaining scorecards, etc. this learning tool was intended to be given out to participants of students’ camps. The booklet also features some interesting quotes and a major part of it is blank pages to take down notes during the camps. This is also available on sale at the Hamoni Golf Camp.

The Yardage Book is a handy notepad that helps a player plan his/her way around the course. It’s used during practice rounds before tournaments to take notes on various aspects of the course they will be playing, such as yardages, wind conditions, sloping of greens, hazards, etc. Because it needs to be carried around by a player all the time, the size of this has to be a convenient one, small enough to into one’s pocket.

Hamoni is a publicly accessible golf learning centre in Gurgaon with a mission to break down the barriers to golf and change its public perception as an elitist sport and to make it available to everyone who loves sports. It provides an extremely affordable and accessible environment to learn and practice golf in the heart of the city. We’ve been associated with Hamoni right since it was set up in 2013-14 when we began by giving it an identity. Subsequent engagements have seen us create some interesting graphics for Facebook from time to time, design some print merchandise for the brand and an endless number of campaign posters, and give face to a new game-cafe by Hamoni.

Hamoni Passport A
Hamoni Passport B
Hamoni Passport C

‘My Passport to Golf’ (2015)

The booklet was designed for a young audience (5 to 18 years) and the approach therefore was to keep the booklet quite pictorial and visual heavy. Using a limited colour palette, hand drawn type and super short text bits we had great fun putting together this piece of communication, and from what we hear, it is being loved by players of all ages!

This is just brilliant! I took a look last night itself and must have looked over a dozen times since! Team is very excited about this! We’re now thinking golf book in the near future, with Tiffinbox as illustrator :)”

Hamoni writes to us after seeing the final design draft of "My Passport to Golf".

Hamoni Yardage Book 1
Hamoni Yardage Book 2
Hamoni Yardage Book 3
Hamoni Yardage Book 4

Yardage Book (2016)

This little cousin has a page for green details and another for hole details. The opening spread shows rough drawings and markings for a user to understand its usage. A legend of icons also accompanies the booklet for a player to refer for his/her notes.