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In Print: Reports, Publications and Report Cards

In the past 2 years of working with WaterAid India we have designed over 15 publications, which are a mix of reports, manuals and handouts.

WaterAid India is part of the global WaterAid network which has been working for four decades to improve access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene across the world. We worked with WaterAid India from 2015 to 2021 on a large variety of communications such as graphics/infographics for social media, animated videos on handwashing and menstruation, campaigns on menstrual hygiene and covid-19, new year diaries and calendars for three years, and a photo exhibition.

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An Assessment of Faecal Sludge Management: Policies and Programmes at the National and Select States Level (2016)

A few pages from this 180 page assessment report on Faecal Sludge Management (FSM).

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Solutions for Swachh Bharat: Report on the India WASH Summit (2015)

A few pages of the 72-page detailed report on the findings and recommendations from the India WASH Summit, a three-day event organised jointly by WaterAid and the Ministry of Drinking Water & Sanitation and Ministry of Urban Development in 2015.

Wai Publication Covers

Some of the publication covers which range from 4-page handouts to 200 page reports.

We often hear that you can never blame a designer if your brief was bad or a designer can only deliver a good design if client delivers a good brief. Tiffinbox proves that the statement is a big farce! They understand your brand, they feel for it and they deliver exactly what the brand needs even without a brief. In my 2 years of working with Tiffinbox, they have always delivered something way beyond my imagination. As the name suggests, Tiffinbox is a small team of very creative people who believe that there is no limit to imagination.

Tiffinbox brings our words to life every single day.”

Pragya Gupta,
WaterAid India