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Helping a New-look PATH Reach its Audience

Program for Appropriate Technology in Health or PATH has been working in India since the late 1990s. We came onboard in 2018 to design their print collaterals and infographics, which was right around the time their new brand language was being introduced worldwide. We were expected to deliver clean yet engaging designs that present complex information in an easy to understand and visually attractive manner, in keeping with the new brand look.

PATH is a global organisation that works to accelerate health equity by bringing together public institutions, businesses, social enterprises and investors to solve the world’s most pressing health challenges. With expertise in science, health, finance, technology, advocacy, and dozens of other specialties, PATH develops and scales innovative solutions- including vaccines, drugs, devices, diagnostics, and approaches to strengthening health systems worldwide.

Path Diary 2
Path Diary 3
Path Diary 4
Path Diary 5
Path Diary 6
Path Diary 7N
Path Diary 8N
Path Diary 9N
PATH diary 1n

2019 PATH diary and calendar

Our first major assignment was to conceptualise and design a diary and a calendar for 2019. Since PATH India had not done a communication outreach of this kind before they wanted to focus on the diversity of their work across different health areas. 

Our design approach was to use the months’ section-dividers to talk about these different topics using iconography to visually communicate the content. The design was juxtaposed against various geometric “symbols” that form the core of their expansive visual system.

Path Brochure 1
Path Brochure 2
Path Brochure 3
Path Brochure 4
Path Brochure 5
Path Brochure 6

India country programme brochure

A visual heavy and easy on the eye brochure was desired instead of the standard text-heavy organisational brochures. Our focus, as with the diary, was a continued reliance on iconography, PATH symbols, and a lot of breathing space.

Path Fortified Rice 1
Path Fortified Rice 2
Path Fortified Rice 3
Path Fortified Rice 4

Infographics on the impact of fortified rice on various nutritional indicators. PATH has helped bring fortified rice into the mid-day meal school feeding programme across several states.

Path Dose Pole

Infographic to explain the functioning of dose pole (a colour coded interactive pole, developed and introduced by PATH in selected mass treatment programmes across India to help determine the dosage of Ivermectin drug for fighting Lymphatic Filariasis).

Path Milk Bank

A poster on universalising access to human milk for all babies through HMBs (Human Milk Bank, or known in India as Comprehensive Lactation Management Centres).

Path Phc Model 1

Infographic on the PHC (public health centres) model highlighting the interventions that PATH would make to strengthen the entire model.