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Making data speak through captivating visuals. Apart from global awareness day campaigns WaterAid also pushes out other themed or generic WASH* related information to spread awareness or showcase the work they have been doing in those areas. And social media helps them in reaching their audience through arresting visuals and garner support for various issues.  

WaterAid India is part of the global WaterAid network which has been working for four decades to improve access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene across the world. We have been working with WaterAid India since 2015 on a large variety of communications such as publications and reports, diaries and calendars for 2016 and 2017infographics for important awareness days, animated videos, events and much more.

Womens Day 1
Womens Day 2
Womens Day 3

International Women’s Day (2017)

Stories of women doing inspiring work in their communities were brought to the forefront on International Women’s Day.  

Nutrition Week 1
Nutrition Week 2
Nutrition Week 3

Nutrition Week (2016)

To create awareness about key growth obstacles in young children we created graphics talking about malnutrition and undernutrition and their associated results.

Healthy Start 3
Healthy Start 4
Healthy Start 5
Healthy Start 6
Healthy Start 7
Healthy Start 2
Healthy Start 1

Healthy Start ( 2016)

Healthy Start is WaterAid’s four-year campaign focused on improving the health of newborn babies and children, by advocating for access to water, sanitation, and hygiene promotion to be integrated into health policy and delivery locally, nationally and internationally.

As part of this campaign, WaterAid India carried out assessments of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in 343 facilities across six Indian states. The findings highlighted the poor status of WASH in healthcare facilities. Some data from these studies in Madhya Pradesh was converted to graphics to become part of the overall campaign kit.

Independence Day

Independence Day (2015)

And as a break from all the distressing data, here is a positive image illustrating a happy family who are ‘free’ from a struggle to get clean water and access a safe toilet.

Wash 1
Wash 2
Wash 3
Wash 4
Wash 5
Wash 6
Wash 7

Infographics on water, sanitation and hygiene, or the lack (2015)

About unclean water, of the sewage stress, on the terrible trash problem and plenty more.

”[…] (Tiffinbox has) also been a big help in engaging existing and new supporters on digital media as the infographics and memes that they have designed for WaterAid India stand out easily in the clutter of social media and are every easy to understand […]”

Anil Cherukupalli,
Media and Communications Manager, WaterAid India

*Water, Sanitation and Hygiene