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Pro Helvetia’s Studio Residencies

Pro Helvetia’s (PHND) three-month studio residencies – open to artists and art practitioners from South Asia and Switzerland – help artists find inspiration, establish networks and contemplate new projects. As part of the process of inviting applications and announcing winners, we worked on the messaging and visuals for three successive years with each year’s look being as different as charcoal and clay. The first year saw us tearing up older pieces of PHND publications to use as collage, while the second one was all about black and white pencil sketches. And for the third year we explored the three dimensions by trying out something with modelling clay. Scroll down to read more.

Pro Helvetia New Delhi, the liaison office of the Swiss Arts Council, supports and disseminates Swiss arts and culture in South Asia. They promote cultural exchange, develop and nurture long-term partnerships, initiate co-productions and support residencies. Their programme is interdisciplinary in nature with focus on themes like literature, contemporary dance, visual arts, music, theatre, design and photography. See the posters we designed for their co-productions here.


Artist-in-Residence 2021

Stop. Look. G(r)o(w).

The idea for AiR 2021 took a cue from the messages attached to the red, orange and green of traffic signals; and in that order. The visuals were planned as three looping gifs which would capture the thought behind each of these messages in relation to the AiR. Clay and paper were used to develop these.

S T O P what you are doing in your practice.

L O O K and feel around a new space, use all the senses and make new connections.

G (r) O (w) your work.

Ai R2020 1
Ai R2020 2

Artist-in-Residence 2020

The call for applications went out as a two-part communication drawn in pencil, with the first showing a cluster of sleeping houses. The messaging called for a shift – in environs, perspectives and interactions – and depicted a single house waking up to the call. The second image goes on to show the same house taking a walk towards the exciting possibilities that this residency offers.

Ai R2020 Winners1
Ai R2020 Winners2

Graphic announcing the awardees of AiR 2020. Three artists from South Asia are picked for residency in Switzerland and three Swiss artists for residency in South Asia.

Ai R2019 Think
Ai R2019 Create
Ai R2019 Express

Artist-in-Residence 2019

With the messaging centred around Think, Create, and Express – the broad stages of an artist’s work – we set out to create three graphics for AiR 2019, which were then used in a staggered manner to announce the call for applications. The collaged images were created using cut-outs of visuals from PHND projects.

Ai R End