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Now On – Art in a Changed World

In response to the extraordinary situation the whole world has been thrown into, Pro Helvetia New Delhi decided to put together a grant for the art community in an attempt to seek innovative formats that address our immediate future. ‘Now On’, as it was titled, was an open call to all artists and organisations from South Asia to send in their ideas on exploring new mediums and formats of artistic creation, research, development, presentation and collaboration. The grant would support thoughts, processes and experiments that go on to deal with meaningful exchange, dialogue and collaboration in a world beset with mobility restrictions.

Now On Call for Applications

Now On: Call for Applications

Two sets of diffracting rays interact and produce unexpected and yet beautiful results. A tiny shift in their positions and the outcome changes to something else entirely. Rooted to their positions the two prisms investigate what this form of interaction means and how the now-traditional way of doing things could be transformed to better meet the challenges of a world in a standstill.

Now On: Grantees

Pro Helvetia New Delhi (PHND), the liaison office of the Swiss Arts Council, supports and disseminates Swiss arts and culture in South Asia. They promote cultural exchange, develop and nurture long-term partnerships, initiate co-productions and support residencies. PHND’s programme is interdisciplinary in nature with focus on themes like literature, contemporary dance, visual arts, music, theatre, design and photography.