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Teri in 2013: An Interactive Flashback

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) commissioned us to design a digital ‘new year flyer’ that would showcase major achievements and impacts that TERI had accomplished in the year 2013, across all its divisions and areas. The purpose was to create a buzz and reach out to its media stakeholders and bring them on board for future initiatives.

The outcome was a single page interactive illustration, hosted on TERI’s website, and in line with the brief to create something contemporary, exciting and media-communicative. The idea was to show TERI’s world as this larger than life setting where some exceptional work was being done under the sectors of environment, water, energy and technology, bio-technology and social action.


2013 Flashback

The website opened up to show what looks like a part of the earth, illustrating an extensive scene with the scope for more intensive viewing. The labels over the sections doubled up as the buttons to go further in and find out the milestones in each sector.

Teri Awards Page
Teri Bio Technology Page
Teri Energy Technology Page
Teri Environment Page
Teri Social Action Page
Teri Sports Page
Teri Water Page

Individual sections

The website was divided into three levels of information. At first, we see the big picture. When one clicks on the section label in red the screen zooms onto the respective sections. Further on, one could click on the pins to find out more details regarding that section.