Phnd 2018 Featured 1

Pro Helvetia’s 2018 Programme – Season 1 and 2

Pro Helvetia New Delhi (PHND), the liaison office of the Swiss Arts Council, supports and disseminates Swiss arts and culture in South Asia. They promote cultural exchange, develop and nurture long-term partnerships, initiate co-productions and support residencies. PHND’s programme is interdisciplinary in nature with focus on themes like literature, contemporary dance, visual arts, music, theatre, design and photography.

Starting from 2018, PHND decided to roll out their calendar of events on a semiannual basis. Announced in January and July, these calendars highlight various artists/events being supported by PHND through the next six months. Tiffinbox worked on the design of these calendars and other communication collaterals which were usually unveiled at a launch party. Working on the giveaways linked to each announcement is especially exciting for us, given the creative freedom both in terms of idea and execution. We worked on five such announcements with the last one being in January 2020, after which this was suspended in the light of pandemic and replaced by Now On.

Take a look at our designs for season 1 (Jan to June) and 2 (July to Dec) of 2018 below. Our designs for 2019 can be found here.

2018 1 Flyer 1
2018 1 Flyer 2
2018 1 Flyer 3

Programme for 2018: Season One

The first season’s flyer was a large type-based design with accordion folds. The colourful look, when the flyer was stretched out, was suggestive of the diverse and rich assortment of events/artists being featured.

2018 1 Pouch 1
2018 1 Pouch 2

Season One Giveaway: Tyvek Pouch

As an extension of the flyer design, the pouch championed genres on one side and artists/events on the reverse side. Made in Tyvek, a lightweight, water- and tear-resistant material, we were all quite thrilled with the creased look of these hardy pouches, with each bearing a unique imprint.

2018 2 Flyer 1
2018 2 Flyer 2
2018 2 Flyer 3
2018 2 Flyer 4
2018 2 Flyer 5
2018 2 Flyer 6
2018 2 Flyer 7

Programme for 2018: Season Two

A simple French fold flyer with tiny pen drawings in black. These drawings echoed the featured artists’ works and were accented with the PHND pink and yellow.

2018 2 Diary 1
2018 2 Diary 2
2018 2 Diary 3
2018 2 Diary 4
2018 2 Diary 5
2018 2 Diary 6
2018 2 Diary 7
2018 2 Diary 8
2018 2 Diary 9
2018 2 Diary 10

Season Two Giveaway: Genre Notebook

The notebook was created as a way to highlight the five main genres. Genres are ways of classification and as opposed to the items they separate, their meanings can be indeterminable. Hence, to give some tangibility to these genres we decided to afford different kinds of papers to each, papers that would speak of them.

Bright coloured papers for dance, ‘novel’ paper (think mass paperback) for literature, translucent paper for music, Kraft paper for theatre, and a lightly textured, fold-out paper suitable for visual arts. Included as an aid were the various types of writing instruments suitable for each of those papers. Coptic bound, the notebook’s cover carried a screen print of a graphic that encapsulated the five genres.