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Branding a Renewable Energy Consultancy

Bridge to India (BTI) is a leading consultancy and knowledge services provider in the Indian renewable energy industry. Having worked with all industry stakeholders the firm uses its 360-degree perspective to publish expert analysis and data in the form of printed as well as digital reports and infographics and provides focused inputs to clients as consultants.

Tiffinbox has been associated with BTI for several years (since 2011) designing their reports, infographics and their parent website. Through the years we have been able to create a unique and coherent visual identity for BTI giving them greater recall in the industry.

India Solar Map Front
India Solar Map Back

Infographics: India Solar Maps

Every year BTI publishes an analysis of the Indian solar industry through infographics overlaid on the map of India for the utility-scale and rooftop projects. These maps were designed keeping in mind the complexity of the information and the need to make it easy to understand and yet be visually arresting.

Bti Report Covers

Report covers

In an attempt to differentiate between commissioned and self-published reports, we use the white space very subtly. The covers for the commissioned reports have a landscape layout with a photograph/ illustration in the lower portion and the title on top. For self-published reports, the layout is portrait with the photograph/ illustration on the left and the title on the right.

Bti Report Covers
Bti Report 1
Bti Report 2
Bti Report 3
Bti Report 4
Bti Report 5


The brand language for BTI was kept as minimal as possible so as to not distract from the content. Every spacing, icon/ element or colour added had to have a reason or else it was taken out. The no-nonsense outlook was instrumental in creating simpler forms for icons with no exaggeration in content and its representation.

This is a very famous quote:
The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack in will.”

You guys have an admirable will and perseverance. Though we have put you in difficult situations, you have saved the day more than often I can remember. We always know that we can rely on you even in tough situations. Thanks for being there during the crisis hour and putting your best foot forward despite having your plates full.”

Dr. Tobias F. Engelmieier

Bridge to India website

The BTI website is a beautiful extension of the brand from print to web. White/empty space is used abundantly to make the content the king. The landing pages/slides were created to emphasise on the three verticals of business flowing into the home page and other sections on further scrolling. The website was completely custom designed to suit the content (reports, blog, etc) and build on the brand image.