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Simplifying a Complex Smart Grid

Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (TPDDL) is the frontrunner in implementing power distribution reforms in the capital city of India. The company continues to be acknowledged globally for the deployment of cutting-edge technologies and its consumer-friendly practices. TPDDL has created a groundbreaking centre of excellence – the Smart Grid Lab, inaugurated in 2016, which is a perfect example of how the application of information and operational technologies can bring a change to the society.

TPDDL got in touch with us to design a brochure explaining how efficiently their smart grid works.

Tpddl Brochure 1
Tpddl Brochure 2
Tpddl Brochure 3
Tpddl Brochure 4
Tpddl Brochure 5
Tpddl Brochure 6
Tpddl Brochure 7

We decided to make a gate-fold brochure with the flexibility of an expanded view to a complex ecosystem that also packs up into a neat handy brochure.

Tpddl Close Up 1
Tpddl Close Up 2
Tpddl Close Up 3
Tpddl Close Up 4

Some closeups of the diagrams and illustrations from the brochure.