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A New Home for Parag

During the course of rebranding Parag, it was felt that Parag is now ready to have its own website. Ever since Parag began operations in 2005 the only web presence it had was in the form of a mention on the Tata Trusts website. Down the line, this increased to two programme specific websites, one each for ’Big Little Book Award’ and ‘Library Educator’s Course’. These were meant to address the urgent need of spreading awareness about them. By 2017, it was clear that Parag as a whole would need a single point of access for all its activities and programmes, not just the existing ones but for all the future initiatives as well. The new website went live in the middle of 2018. 

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Parag website components 1
Parag website components 2

Building blocks

Once the wireframes were in place, unique components were identified (listing, infographics, media, testimonial, and so on) and designed, developed and tested on various resolutions. This modular approach was key to creating new pages on the fly, in future. 

As an extension of the branding work we had done for Parag prior to this project, the presence and identity of the three verticals – Reads, Nurtures and Library – was reinforced on the website too. There was a clear demarcation between the three, strengthened by their individual colours. Each vertical housed various programmes under it along with pertinent case studies. So Nurtures is a repository of all courses by Parag, Library showcases various libraries set up by Parag alongside their e-library app, and Reads touches upon their book development work. 

The look and feel of the website was in keeping with the brand aesthetic of following a clean and a minimal outlook with a heavy reliance on illustrations unique to the brand. Substantial margins all around added a lot of breathing space in between and around the content, so much so that it irked some people at Parag initially, but have since grown a liking for it :D 

Parag website illu 2
Parag website illu 1
Parag website illu 3
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Illustration based infographics for the ‘impact’ section of the website that highlight the impact and reach of Parag’s various initiatives.  

* We are proud to be associated with the great work Parag is doing in the children’s literature space. Since 2013, we have been working with Parag on projects of varying sizes and scope, from creating an award that honours excellence in Indian children’s literature to branding and designing an app for children’s books in addition to designing for events, courses and a diary.