Taking a Break from Golf? Hop in to Hamoni Red: Play Cafe

In 2016, Hamoni decided to venture into serving food, drinks and games. They wanted to start a play cafe within the premises of Hamoni Golf Camp in Gurgaon. We were asked to come up with a simple yet memorable name, an identity and a design for the menu. 

We suggested “Red”, a colour that sits directly opposite green, the brand colour of Hamoni and also the term for the putting area. The idea was to bring about the fact that Red is where one can do all that they wouldn’t on the greens. Additionally, this space is also for those who don’t play Golf. So when the players aren’t exploiting the greens of the golf course they could be found immersing themselves in the addictive competitiveness of PS3 and board games while savouring some delicious food and drinks at Red. Hamoni Red: Play Cafe is an extension of Hamoni Golf

Identity: Imagine the child-like ecstasy of throwing a six on a dice. Using those six dots we created the logo of Red, wherein the negative spaces in the three alphabets form the remaining three out of six dots on a dice. Since the cafe was envisioned to be a dynamic space we also suggested the three dots to be ever changing to represent games and food, and themes in future. This thought was realised through a gif that was shared on Facebook on the day of Red’s launch. 

Hamoni is a publicly accessible golf learning centre in Gurgaon with a mission to break down the barriers to golf and change its public perception as an elitist sport and to make it available to everyone who loves sports. It provides an extremely affordable and accessible environment to learn and practice golf in the heart of the city. We’ve been associated with Hamoni right since it was set up in 2013-14 when we began by giving it an identity. Subsequent engagements have seen us create some interesting graphics for Facebook from time to time, design some print merchandise for the brand and an endless number of campaign posters, and give face to a new game-cafe by Hamoni.

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Red Menu1
Red Menu2
Red Menu3

Swing out of the greens and roll into the Red

The menu of Hamoni Red was kept simple and bold to cater to its initial growing up days that would see a lot of changes to the menu before it settles down. “Red” repeats itself on all pages as an attempt to reiterate a new brand and to help in its recall.

Hamoni Red Icons

Icons for the gif

A set of 12 icons were created, half representing food and the other half for games, for use in the animated gif. They were designed to conform to the circular shape of the dots they would replace.