WAI Diary 2016 Doodle

Water, Germs & Health: 2016 Diary & Calendar

The common antagonist in the crises surrounding water, sanitation, hygiene and health are germs. Using that as the starting point, our idea for the 2016 WaterAid diary and calendar was to take the user through the months using a ‘Germ Cycle’. The health crisis starts with a person (without access to safe water) drinking unclean water, which causes diarrhoea that combined with undernutrition can bring down the person’s immunity hence making them forever susceptible to diseases. If this person doesn’t have access to a toilet, they will resort to open defecation that leads to further spread of germs that puts the immediate population at risk. If in case a toilet is available, owing to poor faecal sludge management in India, the germs land up in water bodies further contaminating our food and water sources. And thus continues the cycle. 

We visualised the diary in a way that did not treat the month dividers as just incidentals, but in fact, we wanted them to be the main attraction. Each month divider was conceptualised as a set of 4 pages within which we would try to bring out the details of the crisis using text and short infographics supported by simple drawings that come to life using a stark colour palette. 

WaterAid India is part of the global WaterAid network which has been working for four decades to improve access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene across the world. We have been working with WaterAid India since 2015 on a large variety of communications such as publications and reports, diary and calendar for 2017, infographics for important awareness days, graphics for social media, animated videos, events and much more.

WAI 2016 dairy
WAI 2016 Diary 1
WAI 2016 dairy 2
WAI 2016 dairy 3

The month dividers

A lot of space was afforded to the month dividers to talk about various aspects of each issue in detail. Our attempt was to bring out the data in an easy to understand way and also to keep a balance between the text and the illustrations.

WAI 2016 dairy 4
WAI 2016 dairy 5
WAI 2016 dairy 6
WAI 2016 dairy 7

A selection of some of the other illustrations done for the month dividers.

WAI 2016 calendar 1
WAI 2016 calendar 2
WAI 2016 calendar 3
WAI 2016 calendar 4
WAI 2016 calendar 5
WAI 2016 calendar 6

A few months from the calendar for which we adapted the illustrations from the diary.